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Metroland - Mixing the gap EPCD

Metroland - Mixing the gap EPCD
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3048DJ
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You are fond of vintage keyboards and love bands like KRAFTWERK, KOMPUTER or yet TELEX? You fell in love with the Belgian duo METROLAND with the release of their much successful album "Mind The Gap" and its unique mélange of melodic synths, robotic vocals and analogue drum machines? The time has come for another exciting trip through the underground... 

While being aware that in this so-called digital age not everyone is fond of digital-only releases, METROLAND decided to bundle all their former download 12inches onto a so-called limited 'Extended Play' EP. "Mixing The Gap" does not only hold all tracks from both single releases, the praised “The Passenger” and the dreamy “Enjoying The View”, but also another set of exclusive mixes from “DJ Stamba”, “Darkmen”, “Növö” and “Sophie Watkins”, making it a unique and very limited 10-track carton sleeve EP. 

Another true must-have for those who fancy a muscled up Kraftwerkian style of music.

  1. enjoying the view - 7inch version
  2. theme for metroland - close the door remix
  3. the passenger - 12inch backside version
  4. moscow main - sophie watkins mix
  5. 1863
  6. harry beck - laurent boudic under növö remix
  7. enjoying the view - 12inch tourist version
  8. inner city transport - 7inch version
  9. it's more fun to commute - stamba mix
  10. the passenger - 7inch version

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