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Plastic Noise Experience - Dead or alive 2CD

Plastic Noise Experience - Dead or alive 2CD
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM2068DCD
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Price: 13.99€
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The biggest hits from PNE come here in re-recorded and live versions keeping the same feeling and sound use as the originals plus as bonus the "Transmitted Memory" album.

The tracklist of this bonus album is as follows:

  1. kill the 6
  2. smalltown boy
  3. reduction
  4. dream destructor
  5. das ritual
  6. gold
  7. touch your skin
  8. memory flow
  9. schachtende
  10. totale kontrolle
  11. plugged
  12. soul of 8 seconds
  13. city of lies
  14. deranged
  15. no return
  16. digital noise
  17. energie
  18. gold remix


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