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Various Artists - Awake The Machines vol.4 CD

Various Artists - Awake The Machines vol.4 CD
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: ATM04
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Price: 4.99€
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1. The Noise Institute (Haujobb)
2. Ruptura (Hocico)
3. Queen Of The Damned (Tristesse De La Lune)
4. Heaven (Decoded Feedback)
5. Livesaver (Accessory)
6. Watching Over You (Solitary Experiments)
7. Erinnerung (Cephalgy)
8. Salvation (Angels & Agony)
9. In My Head (Snow In China)
10. Light (God Module)
11. Wonder (Culture Kultür)
12. Fuse (Negative Format)
13. Black Wedding (Blutengel)
14. Whispered In Your Ear (Faith & The Muse)
15. She's The Devil (Terminal Choice)
16. Vater Unser (Combichrist)
17. Humid Dreams (Dulce Liquido)
18. DC Disk (Kiew)
19. Pantau (Soman)

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