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Various Artists - Fully Automated: The Headache Remixes CD

Various Artists - Fully Automated: The Headache Remixes CD
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: FATHR
Availability: In Stock
Price: 4.99€
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1 Wings Of Steel (Headache Re:Mix Version 0)
2 Deprogramming Deposits Of Fat (Lean Clean Olean Mix)
3 Stronger (Headache Re:Mix)
4 Generation (2nd Generation Mix)
5 Autopilot (Headache Re:Mix)
6 New Version Of You (Headache Re:Mix)
7 Mystery Of Life (Extended Headache Re:Mix)
8 Odoreater (Headache Re:Mix)
9 Mettle IV: Programmed Apathy (Headache Re:Mix)
10 Suspicion (Headache Re:Mix)
11 Maybe Someday (Headache Re:Mix)
12 Ashes (Headache Re:Mix)
13 Ovoid Vovoid (Headache Re:Mix)
14 T-T-Trainwreck (Headache Re: Mix)
15 Exit Music (For A Film)

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