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Headscan - Pattern recognition 2CD

Headscan - Pattern recognition 2CD
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM2063DCD
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Price: 13.99€
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Label debut for this Canadian intelligent industrial dance act, here in a 2CD version.


  1. Zero Sun
  2. Terra Incognitaimage
  3. Synchronyimage
  4. Sentinelimage
  5. Hi-Motion Modelimage
  6. Permafrost
  7. Lolifeimage
  8. Arrache-Moi
  9. Dead Silver Skyimage
  10. Antenna Manifoldimage
  11. Carnal Knowledgeimage
  12. Slipstream Monocraftimage
  13. Corroded Center Pole
  14. Sunken World


  1. Dead Silver Sky [Biometric]
  2. Dead Silver Sky [Protocol]
  3. Dead Silver Sky [Component RMX]
  4. Sentinel [Dance Against The Machine RMX]
  5. Dead Silver Sky
  6. Sentinel
  7. Metadata 

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