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Various Artists - Matrix​:​Reb00ted - The Kant Kino Guerrilla - Zion [EBM] Warfare [01]

Various Artists - Matrix​:​Reb00ted - The Kant Kino Guerrilla - Zion [EBM] Warfare [01]
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3221DJ
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Price: 9.00€
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Alfa Matrix launches today the 1st edition of its new low-price digital compilation series: “MATRIX:REB00TED”. The sub-title “Zion [EBM] Warfare [01] - the KANT KINO guerrilla” says it all! 

15 songs from Alfa Matrix’s massive music repertoire gets remixed by one label band – this time the Norwegian duo KANT KINO who released in 2017 their 3rd studio album “Kopfkino”. Renowned for their unique blend of EBM basslines, upbeat sequences and melodic synths, KANT KINO put their EBM stamp here on some 15 club classic tracks from bands in the likes of FRONT 242, NITZER EBB, LEAETHER STRIP, BRUDERSCHAFT, POUPPEE FABRIKK, AMGOD, KOMOR KOMMANDO, IMPLANT, AESTHETISCHE, ESSENCE OF MIND, STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER, KANT KINO, JUNKSISTA and the label’s most recent discovery from France CRYTEK… 

A perfect way to (re)discover 14 artists from the Alfa Matrix label via a certain “EBM” guerrilla filter. 
Join the Matrix on this [EBM] warfare …

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