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SD-KRTR (feat. n0emi Aurora) - Rise EP

SD-KRTR (feat. n0emi Aurora) - Rise EP
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3218DJ
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After a bunch of strong hardbeat releases together with his Australian pal of STUDIO-X, UK techno/breakbeat DJ Simon D. Carter today unleashes the first ep of his new exciting solo-project. With SD-KRTR, the studio guru and worldwide renowned club song producer teams up with some high-profile female vocalists coming from quite diverse horizons. He then fuses their highly expressive vocals into a futuristic cocktail of modern dancefloor techno trance with an emotional alt-pop touch and a slightly melancholic edge. It's like these Diva’s are magically providing a soul to his machines, they certainly give soul to his thought stirring lyrics… 

“Rise”, the title-song of this new 5-track EP is absolutely the perfect example of this! A cleverly constructed fist-pumping dancefloor slammer which contains all the explosive elements of an uplifting modern trance track augmented with dark undertones and powerful, emotive, heart-felt vocals courtesy of HELALYN FLOWERS leading lady, n0emi Aurora. A song with an infectious chorus that infiltrates your mind in no time and has you singing along whilst jumping on the dancefloor! This instant club-hit also gets released as an entirely different “Retro Version” giving more space to 80’s synths and drums, while Brazilian label-mates AESTHETISCHE have crafted a typically classy dance remix of “Rise” displaying their wonderful signature sound in full force! 

We then also get an almost 9 minute long instrumental monster “Judgement Day”, a throwback to the 90’s style of epic-length upbeat electronic instrumental tracks. And the cherry on the cake, the fast-paced and hi-energy “The Only One”, a futuristic sounding synthpop song (featuring Patricia on vocals) that wouldn’t be completely out of place on a LA ROUX album! 

So lay back, close your eyes and enjoy the journey that SD-KRTR takes you on, OR just let it all go, stand-up and throw your hands up in the air! ‘We Will Rise From The Fall’…

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