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  • Various Artists - Wir Sind DAF CD
Robert Görl (drums & electronics) and Gabi Delgado-Lopez (lyrics & vocals) formed DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) back in 1978. Their deep dark, stripped down, rhythmic intensive, repetitive minimal electronics would become their signature sound along with using their native German language as a distinctive factor as well. These unique characteristics rapidly built the foundation of the DAF radical and uncompromising sonic trademark and the duo became one of the pathfinders of the “Neue Deutsche Welle” movement, and one of the most influential bands from the Düsseldorf scene, the cradle of electronic music.
The sudden death of Gabi Delgado in March 2020 triggered a shockwave of emotions through the electronic music scene which abruptly lost an iconic live performer, a true pioneer and major influence for several generations of electronic music artists… Gone way too young, Gabi still had so much provocation to express and energy to share. Surrounded by Alfa Matrix artists, we prepared this tribute compilation to DAF to express our deepest respect to this unique band.
In full respect of DAF’s legacy and artistic attitude, we tried to bring back that right mixture between rhythmic and intelligence across this tribute compilation, between intense and emotional, between surprising and provoking! Covering 19 tracks from DAF’s huge repertoire, between classics (“Der Mussolini”, “Verschwende Deine Jugend”, “Der Raüber Und Der Prinz”, “Alles Ist Gut”, “Alle Gegen Alle”…) and less known songs, our Alfa Matrix artists initiated stunning collaborations within the label family, decided to appropriate songs into their own native language (IMPLANT & KANT KINO), all to pay homage to Gabi Delgado, bringing music “for the brain and for the ass” in full ferocity and sensuality.
From electronic veterans like Jürgen Engler (DIE ROBO SAPIENS), Uwe Kanka (ARMAGEDDON DILDOS) or Claus Kruse (PNE) to younger scene acts like LIGHTS A.M., CIRCUMPOLAR, 808 DOT POP, JUNKSISTA or yet IMJUDAS, through the 90’s and millennium elektro generations of bands like AIBOFORCEN, AD:KEY, PSYCHIC FORCE, NEUROACTIVE, TECHNOIR, NEIKKA RPM, ACYLUM AESTHETISCHE as well as the recent qualitative additions to the Alfa Matrix roster of bands with good old DIGITAL FACTOR and promising dark synth pop REICHSFEIND: all united to perform DAF songs through their own emotional kaleidoscope of sound ranging from minimal EBM to electro pop through dark elektro and ambient industrial.
In this joint effort, we all felt like “Wir Sind DAF” for a short creative moment… but forever in our heart.
MERCI for your artful legacy. Liebe ist Kunst. Kunst ist Liebe.

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Various Artists - Wir Sind DAF CD

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