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AD:keY - Anthropozän (Bonus Tracks Version)

AD:keY - Anthropozän (Bonus Tracks Version)
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3252DJ
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We transform the planet!“ That is what the first lines of the brand new AD:KEY album proclaim. „Anthropozän“ – Era of the human species is the new geological era in which humans modify nature and transform their planet. 

The process that will change our planet completely within the next ten thousand years is skilfully depicted in their music: Electronic bass rhythms ominously stomp through our brains, fragments of melodies hover around whilst dramaturgic cocoons are woven and sprawled. 1 

Andrea and Rene Nowotny deliberately took their time - almost three years - to complete their album with thirteen songs about human thinking and acting. In their lyrics the human being is at the centre of contemplation as well as his relationship to technology, the environment and to himself. Humanity in itself is controversial. 

Nevertheless, the new album “Anthropozän” features the unmistakable AD:KEY sound: electronic Body Music meets Neue Deutsche Welle. 

In best Armageddon Dildos style, harsh sequences, chase metallic drums, synthesizer melodies ripple through space and combined with string arrangements result in an overall harmony that is enhanced by Rene's and Andrea's undistorted voices, sometimes grim and threatening, sometimes cheeky and loud - just the way true EBM should sound. 

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