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Avarice In Audio - Bleed As One EP

Avarice In Audio - Bleed As One EP
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3159DJ
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Price: 7.00€
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Here comes "Bleed As One", the third and final piece of the "Shine & Burn" era of releases... Featuring one of the most melodic and catchy songs from AVARICE IN AUDIO's album "Shine & Burn", the first half of the EP features a diverse cast of remixes and styles. Including a spaghetti western styled remix by DHARMATA 101, an experimental rework by RUINIZER and a straight future pop stomper by RESTRICTION 9, closed off with perfection with a Trip Hop inspired exclusive B-side featuring IIOIOIOII. 

And for the second half, unreleased remixes by FRAGILECHILD & EUPHORIAN, alongside SERAPHIM SYSTEM, previously released only via Matrix Downloaded 003. And a previously released remix, exclusive to the second CD of "Shine & Burn" by REVENANT CULT to close off the remix listing off nicely, by being a personal favourite of AIA and being gorgeously cinematic in its execution.

And to be the final feature for the "Shine & Burn" era, A stripped down rework of the song "Beyond My Control" remade by Gerry & Lawrie to bring an ending to the release, and as a declaration for the future of the project. Complete with a beautiful cover by frequent collaborator SHEERHEART designs and mastering by the prolific STUDIO-X, the final release for "Shine & Burn" comes to a close. With perfect Synergy.

The 10-track single is available for download now from Bandcamp, see the player below.

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