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Avarice In Audio - Frostbite EP

Avarice In Audio - Frostbite EP
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3121DJ
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Price: 6.00€
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Here comes the debut EP of Alfa Matrix's new signing from Melbourne, Australia: AVARICE IN AUDIO, a project driven by modern production techniques with melancholic lyrics and operatic/ethereal vocals. At the helm of AVARICE IN AUDIO is Gerry Hawkins (Cryogenic Echelon) and Jade Pegg (Acidtrixx), both taking dual duty on vocals, while Gerry almost entirely penned the lyrics. With a quite eclectic songwriting approach and the highly skilled production supervision of Jade and Lawrie of STUDIO-X, AVARICE IN AUDIO deliver a melodic fusion of Synthpop & EDM, taking two different genres and forging them in one beautiful and unapologetic package that crosses many boundaries with male and female vocals. 

Starting with the insane electronic/synthpunk sound of "Frostbite", this EP rips straight into it and reaches highlights on the club-hit "Sleepwalking Societies", a song with a sort of "classic meets new breed" feel to it with its crafted vocoder glitching work, its melodic vocals and other dubstep vs. dark electro sensibilities. 3rd song featured is "Heartless Disaster", a collaboration track written together with future pop/EBM act XP8 adding an uplifting melancholic and quite sombre feel to the release reinforced by its destructive lyrics dealing with pyrrhic relationships. Alongside you also get 3 brand new remixes by partners in crime STUDIO-X, HEARTWIRE and RUINIZER. 

The "Frostbite" EP serves as the perfect introduction into what AVARICE IN AUDIO will have to offer on the forthcoming album they are feverishly working on. A recommended discovery for fans of AYRIA, GRENDEL, ASHBURY HEIGHTS or yet DELERIUM's dark dance moments… Beauty Doesn't Excuse Cruelty!

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).

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