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Dream Recall - In control EP

Dream Recall - In control EP
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3150DJ
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Price: 4.00€
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In 2014 Alfa Matrix introduced you to AVARICE IN AUDIO, a project headed by Gerry Hawkins, which received incredible reviews and has accomplished so much in such little time. Now we display the other half of Hawkins, alongside the talented songwriter Chris Anderson (ECHO GRID). 

This year we present DREAM RECALL. If AVARICE IN AUDIO is the braggadocio and the grandiose, then DREAM RECALL is the minimal, and the emotional. And to open we have "In Control", a song displaying the duality of DREAM RECALL, while Chris' somber vocals glide with the romantic synthesiser sounds, Gerry's screams once again add a sense of urgency to the song, and provide another release for both sides of love. Both the enraged need for revenge, and the melancholic need to accept and attempt to move on. DREAM RECALL's debut song was released through Alfa Matrix's legendary Endzeit Bunkertracks [act 7] compilation, and on that strength alone was chosen to be released as a single.

Evoking the spirit of artists such as AESTHETIC PERFECTION, ASSEMBLAGE 23, IMPERATIVE REACTION & THE PRESETS, DREAM RECALL is a hybrid of both passionate sound design, provocative lyrics crafted for an emotional response, and beautiful visuals to provide a portrait to the sound as well as the people behind it.

"In Control" is the debut single from the full length album titled "Waves" coming soon. Featuring an intense rework by Resistanz 2015 favourites RUINIZER, a powerful club mix by long-time collaborators and Alfa Matrix artist STUDIO-X, A monstrous epic reimagining by E.S.A: ELECTRONIC SUBSTANCE ABUSE and a club rework of the song "I Wish", "In Control" is the perfect introduction from a fresh project that shows much promise.

This EP is only available as a download EP, see the player below.

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