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Dream Recall - Waves EP

Dream Recall - Waves EP
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3167DJ
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When unveiling last Spring his DREAM RECALL hidden half with the debut-single “In Control”, Australian artist Gerry Hawkins had never expected such instant enthusiastic and resonant response from the elektro / future pop scene. 

The AVARICE IN AUDIO mastermind strikes back now with “Waves” offering you 4 new songs plus 2 bonus kick-ass remixes of the club-hit “In Control” by legendary C-LEKKTOR and MIND.DIVIDED. Produced this time by Jay Android (HEARTWIRE/RUINIZER) and Lawrie Bayldon (STUDIO-X / AVARICE IN AUDIO), “Waves” is a quite eclectic EP with a heavy emphasis on collaboration experiment and audio/visual material featuring guest vocals by Jay Android (HEARTWIRE/RUINIZER), Damasius (MONDTRÄUME) and Chris Anderson (ECHO GRID), 

Songs like the aggressively addictive "Stockholm Syndrome", the more somber "Reasons To Die", the auto tune electropop / vaporwave crossover "I Believe In ピース", the reggae/dubstep hybrid track "I Wish" and last but not least “Now It’s Time”: the ultimate mix of electro industrial à la COMBICHRIST with emotional female vocals… They all display the unique facets that make DREAM RECALL so unique and confirms them as experts of their crafts… A must-have EP for all fans of emotional fresh electronic music with an addictive less-is-more attitude and a powerful modern EBM touch.

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