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I:scintilla - Optics 2CD

I:scintilla - Optics 2CD
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM2094DCD
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Price: 13.99€
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I:scintilla released their second full-length album Optics in June 2007. Here in a 2CD version.


  1. Cursive Eve
  2. Toy Soldier
  3. The Bells
  4. Melt
  5. Translate
  6. Scin
  7. Machine Vision
  8. Havestar
  9. Ultravioletfly
  10. Silhouette
  11. Taken
  12. Salt Of Stones


  1. The Bells (Angelspit Mix)
  2. Scin (Clan Of Xymox Mix)
  3. Havestar (Combichrist Mix)
  4. Cursive Eve (Zero Tolerance Treatment By Deathboy)
  5. The Bells (Ego Likeness Mix)
  6. Taken (En Take Mix By En Esch)
  7. The Bells (Interface Mix)
  8. Translate (Broken Reception Mix By Manufactura)
  9. Havestar (La Malediction Mix By Mortiis)
  10. Capsella (Stochastic Theory Mix)
  11. Scin (Tolchock Mix)
  12. Taken (Shaken Mix By En Esch)

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