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Junksista - Sinner’s Delight MCD (digipak)

Junksista - Sinner’s Delight MCD (digipak)
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3219CD
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Originally self-released at the end of last year by JUNKSISTA, Alfa Matrix now received a VERY limited quantity of this rare and exclusive digipak mini-album.  Music collectors: go grab the limited physical version of “Sinner’s Delight” by Germany’s brightest and most successful sexport in electroland: the one and only JUNKSISTA gang!
Originally self-released at the end of last year, Alfa Matrix is now proud to release to a wider audience, the by 8 tracks extended “Decadence” edition of the mini-album “Sinner’s Delight” by Germany’s brightest and most successful sexport: the one and only JUNKSISTA gang!

Dancier, harder and definitely darker, “Sinner’s Delight” has all the qualities to get the dancefloor crowd addicted, while keeping JUNKSISTA’s characteristic assets: it's catchy and fun, it is sexy and has attitude. Although “Sinner’s Delight” is quite diverse in its sound and overall feeling, it keeps us confined in a certain comfort zone. It's resonating with broken heart clichés, sultry sensual vocals, sexy hooks, addictive bass lines, punchy beats and provocative lyrics.
“Drug” (the single release of this mini album with a drool-worthy video clip!) is a perfect opener for this EP: a straight and crunchy EBM song filled with Diana’s hot vocals, edgy bass lines and Boog’s stunning production skills. After the harsh, erotic and strangely exciting vibe of “This Room”, we move towards the retro feel of “8008” with a catchy mixture of robotic vocals and epic guitar licks. Then comes the big “Jump”! A mesmerising dominatrix type of song with a chorus that says it all: “I say jump, you say how high…”. It offers another great sexual innuendo on this EP. The melodic “How Deep is My Love” is for sure one of the most interesting and complex songs on this EP. It has a lovely flow and the lead melody grooves on top of stylish pads and an analogue - almost EBMish - bassline. "Slow", the last song on this mini-album, is nothing but what it should be: a smooth JUNKSISTA track about getting fucked nice and slow, reaching the climax with its mid-tempo beat, atmospheric sounds and hypnotic vocals…

MCD tracklist

  1. Drug
  2. This Room
  3. 8008
  4. Jump
  5. How Deep Is My Love
  6. Slow


The 14-track counting download EP, with 8 bonus tracks can be found below.

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