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Metroland - Man in a Frame (single)

Metroland - Man in a Frame (single)
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3243DJ
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2018 marks the start for METROLAND with a new album, ergo a new unseen concept and thus a first new single, called "Man In A Frame". "Man In A Frame" is a cold, synthetic song, holding an untypical blend of sampled voices and minimal vocals, set on tight sequenced electronics. 

This first single is not taken from the new album, as one would suspect from former albums, but it is a very profound push towards the yet secret content of the new concept. 

As 2nd track (what used to be called a b-side), METROLAND offers "F8", which also is a link to the yet unrevealed new theme. Robotic voices over a nervous rhythm section with a load of dreamy strings will guide you through the song. 

A 2 track download “Man In A Frame” single comes out holding both the original versions. 

Next to that METROLAND delivers an extra download set of remixes. This 3-track release offers an extended version of the main title in METROLAND’s typical interpretation of an 80’s style version (as they formerly showed on the “12x12” 4CD release). In addition to this, METROLAND offers a remix of both songs, notably retouched by the bands "The Frixion" and "Maschine Brennt". 

“Man In A Frame” and “F-8” pave the future path for the filmic new set of songs coming your way on the new album.

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