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Metroland - Memorabilia EP

Metroland - Memorabilia EP
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It has already been announced at the start of their latest venture that METROLAND would release a 2nd single bringing renewed attention to their concept album "Men In A Frame". An album where photography got all the focus due to a unique collaboration with 5 professional photographers who triggered every little detail of the album, both aurally and art wise.

"Memorabilia" serves as an obvious link to the aforementioned concept, with a little wink to 80's cult, showcasing the darker club side from both Passengers. Just like with the former single "Man In A Frame", the main track here is once more exclusive and not even taken from the album itself, deserving to be in the spotlight on its own while still connecting the dots with the overall album concept… The single B-side is called "Sunwriting", not just any random title, but a reference to the very first process of modern photography executed by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in the 19th century by means of a heliograph, reminding us again of the in-depth study of METROLAND when exploring their musical concepts.

Last but not least, METROLAND on their turn expanded "Memorabilia" into a "Souvenir Mix”, following their renown 80s' style of extending their songs.

This “Memorabilia” single also comes out as a “remixes” alternative edition.

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Tags: metroland
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