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Metroland - The manifesto EP

Metroland - The manifesto EP
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3144DJ
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When Walter Gropius wrote the Bauhaus Manifesto in 1919, he had a dream: a dream of creating a total, socially relevant movement where all art forms would be present, and a utopian world where every home would benefit from products which, though industrially produced, oozed beauty and quality. 

Small wonder then, that METROLAND, whose industrial approach to 21st century music had always targeted creating things of beauty, enthusiastically embraced Gropius’ ideas and defining motto “Art and technology - a new unity”. 

As such, their new release, the deluxe 3 cd limited edition album “Triadic Ballet” (released 16/4/2015), pays homage to Bauhaus’ main principles of unity, hierarchy and variety, making them true heirs to Gropius’ legacy, and worthy advocates of The Manifesto.

Second single taken from this new conceptual album, ‘The Manifesto’ is available in two different download EP’s – one with an exclusive 7inch edit and a 12inch mix of ‘The Manifesto’, another – the Spacious Edition – with remixes by, among others, iEuropean, a kindred soul who recently collaborated with Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk). 

Both EP’s contain a (different) version of ‘A Man Walked On The Moon’: a brand new track, exclusively available as part of these EP’s. 

You can download the first part below.

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