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Schwarzblut - Das mausoleum 2CD

Schwarzblut - Das mausoleum 2CD
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM2138DCD
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Succeeding their well received 2009 EP "Sehlenwolf" SCHWARZBLUT now releases "Das Mausoleum". A 10-track album that displays the full potential of this versatile Dutch band. SCHWARZBLUT blends romantic melancholic Weimar poetry with danceable dark electronic music. SCHWARZBLUT also brings vocal diversity, accentuated by their male and female singers. Expect music with a deep and diverse range. From the pillars of pounding EBM/industrial to lush orchestral arrangements, with traces of QNTAL, VNV NATION and SKINNY PUPPY. A strongly recommended band to all fans of German speaking dark artists from GOETHES ERBEN to DAS ICH through BLUTENGEL to PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE...

This limited edition holds the bonus disc "Die Krypta" featuring 9 reworks by such bands as Psy'Aviah, NG-PRO, Misery, Contrast, Deadcell, Freakangel, Carsten Altena and Makaak !

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