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SIN.SIN (feat. n0emi Aurora) - Blacklist EP

SIN.SIN (feat. n0emi Aurora) - Blacklist EP
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3216DJ
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Before the release of her “Reverie” full length album, multi-talented Belgian artist Kristell L. wanted to warn us that her SIN.SIN solo-project could definitely take you by surprise when you least expect her! 

And just like she already demonstrated it last December with her stunning tortuous and electric cover version of FRONT 242’s “Loud”, she here makes a clear sonic statement with this new instant hit-song “Blacklist”: SIN.SIN should definitely not be pigeon-holed as only a joyful fairytronics band! SIN.SIN reveals here a new hidden facet and confronts you with a darker side of her magick world! 

Forming an impressive duet and perfect vocal match with HELALYN FLOWERS’ bewitching famous vocalist n0emi Aurora, Kristell L. launches a relentless hunt after all bad and cruel characters in SIN.SIN’s fairytale: the “Blacklist” is long and you might be on it without knowing it until the girls hit you right in the heart with this carrying and emotional siren noir song! As if in a game of some sort, this excellent song also gets reinterpreted on this 5-track EP in 4 additional “levels” – each giving a specific touch and atmosphere / world to it all, with a loud and guitar metal rock retake by LOVELORN DOLLS (Kristell’s other famous band project), an extreme hellish industrial metal rollerblade rework by Norway’s HELL:SECTOR (with additional devilish male vocals), a unique and noticeable floating modern electro remix by AIBOFORCEN as well as a cinematic synth melodic version by Kai Otte (MARI CHROME). 

With this second EP we now really wonder what direction SIN.SIN will take on her full length album, but we now learnt that there are also dark clouds in heaven as well as bright stars in hell! SIN.SIN knows no limits and shall bring us where her boiling imagination will lead her, boosted by the magical power of her emotional and SIN.ful spiritual fantasy. How fascinating… I fell under her spell!

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