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Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Angels of the dark EP

Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Angels of the dark EP
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM3128DJ
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With this 3rd EP taken from the STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER "Breaking The Void" album, UK’s Simon Carter and STUDIO-X's Australian based mastermind Lawrie Masson take us by surprise by selecting one of their harshest and darkest tracks as the title song. They give it a commercial work over with the aptly titled "Club mix" version. "Angels Of The Dark" also gets revisited through a stomping and mesmerising PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 melodic mix, a furious industrial dance version by Brazilian label mates AESTHETISCHE, an intensive industrial mix by ACYLUM and also the "hands-in-the-air" dancing club-hit remix by C-LEKKTOR. Also featured on this EP is the wonderful synth-driven version of "Fallen" by the geniuses over at INTERFACE. The duo gratifies us with 2 new exclusive non-album songs, firstly the truly filthy electro track "Dragonfly" in which the rough, gritty bassline makes a full-on audio assault on listeners’ ears whilst the calming vocals and lyrics emote a sensuous mix of melancholy and dark beauty. And last but not least, with "Nuclear Love" and its distinctly upbeat dark electro vibe feeling, it should please the post apocalyptic survivors out there! You can almost hear the warning sirens, although we’re not sure if they’re a warning about war…Or love! With this 9-tracker, the unstoppable sound machine of STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER signs yet another dancefloor atomizing EP …

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).

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