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Studio-X vs. Technoid - Neural Torment CD

Studio-X vs. Technoid - Neural Torment CD
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM1247CD
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Since the release of the very successful “Neo-Futurism” album whose physical CD version quickly sold-out and has become one of the most sought-after album from the Alfa Matrix repertoire, Aussie studio guru and producer Lawrie Bayldon has been involved in various side-projects including an impressive series of somewhat darker and poppier vocal albums and EP’s with UK DJ Simon Carter (SD-KRTR)  while also becoming an active member of the modern EBM industrial AVARICE IN AUDIO gang.
Today, the STUDIO-X headquarters deliver “Neural Torment”, the perfect hi-energy follow-up to ”Neo-Futurism”, a 13-track album revealing his industrial hard-dance collaboration with talented Italian electronic artist Roberto Ricci aka TECHNOID! 

The opening stomping hard dance track “Leave Us Alone” gives the tone of this album with its poignant scary atmosphere rhythmed by a crazy girl in full panic screaming her lungs out. The perfect song to keep your DJ set very dark or just to keep you dancing all night! Heavily inspired by DJ Proteus, the dark industrial “Down On Your Knees” will make you stand up and break the dancefloor. And that unique blend of dark industrial and hard dance / trance keeps coming in with cuts like “In God We Trust”, the progressive hardstyle of the viral and addictive “Kapooyah”, the hammering and mind-boggling “Stupid Fucking Ravers” or yet the industrial trance club classic and subversive “Cybergoth”.
At moments STUDIO-X vs. TECHNOID’s sonic neural torment also takes a more melodic turn with the memorable melodic lines of the synthcore song “First Time Ever”, the hypnotic “Charlie” or the flowing “Make Me Sick” and its matchless vocal samples! The boys also enjoy experimenting in studio with crazy sounds and samples, and tracks like “Motherfuckin Minions”, “Where Is Your License”,  the closing “Last Thing In The World” and its sinister samples of evil Charles Manson, its heavy guitar riffs and hellish hard dance beat all bring their own touch of diversity to this very upbeat album…

This is industrial cyber dance without compromise like only STUDIO-X can do it! Hardstyle to play at maximum volume!

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