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Totem Obscura vs. Acylum - Forgotten time 2CD

Totem Obscura vs. Acylum - Forgotten time 2CD
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: AM2195DCD
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Still strong from the astounding resonance received by their "Waldgesit" EP in the industrial / dark elektro DJ community, TOTEM OBSCURA vs. ACYLUM strike back with the full length album "Forgotten Time". With this new project, the ACYLUM gang reveals a new sound entity that bridges morbid harsh elektro with melancholic and mystic orchestrations. Besides the straight and upbeat club tracks like "Waldgeist", the highly danceable "Brothers" and also the title track "Forgotten Time", they offer up more oppressive, bombastic and noir moments on titles like the opening "Violence Needs A Cause", the slow and penetrating "Proud" or yet the superb intricate vocal sample work on "Warrior", the perfect hymn to desolation... Acting like zombies playing haunted tunes in a graveyard, TOTEM OBSCURA awaken the dark spirits for the ultimate dance of the dead! An impressive melange of influences ranging from KIRLIAN CAMERA to HOCICO with the unmatchable ACYLUM touch of darkness.

This first edition comes as a limited box with bonus disc and remixes by bands like JUNKSISTA, DIABOLIC ART, PSY'AVIAH, CYNICAL EXISTENCE, DIFFUZION, etc..

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