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Various Artists - Gothic Compilation 64 2CD

Various Artists - Gothic Compilation 64 2CD
Brand: Alfa Matrix
Product Code: GC64
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Volume 64 in the super popular Gothic Compilation series!

Disc 1

  1. LEAVES EYES: Halvdan The Black    
  2. CORVUS CORAX: Saltatio mortis (Live)    
  3. CULTUS FEROX: Nette Jungs    
  4. KYOLL: Bunkerparty    
  5. CHEMICAL SWEET KID: Once Again    
  6. SHE PAST AWAY: Katarsis    
  7. STAR INDUSTRY: New Religion    
  8. SCREAM SILENCE: The Art Remains    
  9. ILLUMINATE: GeZeichnet    
  10. ME.MAN.MACHINE: Sister    
  11. SONGS OF LEMURIA: Voices Of Grace (Version)    
  12. FELINE & STRANGE: Stop Asking    
  13. NERVENBEISSER: Meer der Flammen    
  14. EIGENSINN: S.O.A.B.    
  15. FLORIAN GREY: My Fear    
  16. UNDER THE TONGUE: Troubled Mind    
  17. QUEEN OF THE WESTERN SKIES: Innocent (Remix)    
  18. DUST IN MIND: Frozen Smiles    

Disc 2

  1. SARA NOXX & GOETHES ERBEN: Falling    
  2. LOVELORN DOLLS: Happy Valentine    
  3. VAN UNDERCUT: Mosaik (Glockenklang Edit)    
  4. POS:2: Dark Room    
  5. ESSENCE OF MIND: No Place To Hide    
  6. AESTHETISCHE: Surveillance    
  7. SUONO: Days Like These    
  8. EXTIZE & CYNICAL EXISTENCE: When Angels Fall    
  9. STUDIO X & SIMON CARTER: Lonely    
  10. KANT KINO: Nag nag (Faster)    
  11. THE PSYCHIC FORCE: No Secrets Allowed    
  12. ENTRZELLE: Liar For Profit (Arson)    
  13. VENAL FLESH: Emulgent Disfigurement    
  14. ZOMBIE GIRL: Panic Attack (Acylum Mix)    
  15. ACYLUM: Born To Be Hated (Venal Flesh Mix)    
  16. METROLAND: The Manifesto (Ieuropean Mix)

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